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We are living in a time of unprecedented volatility, with trends in economics, demographics and geopolitics compounded by the rapid pace of technological change. At Aon, we bring together the most forward-thinking minds to solve these global challenges.

Gathering our expertise in identifying, quantifying and managing risk, this series offers strategic support and in-depth analysis to help business leaders harness the power of the bigger picture and move forward with confidence.

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The costs and consequences of a cyber-attack are rapidly intensifying, with global cyber losses predicted to reach $6trillion annually by 2021. Technological and digital evolution will only further perpetuate this - making building cyber resilience a more complex task than ever.

The C-suite may be well aware of the cyber threat to their businesses - but the second report in our series raises the question: Are they still taking the right approach towards achieving cyber resilience?

This report examines how organisations need to rethink what ‘cyber resilience’ means, constantly improving their strategy and processes to give themselves the best chance of fending off an attack.

True resilience goes far beyond cyber defence.

Safeguarding value in the era of cyber risk

Prepare for the expected
Safeguarding value in the era of cyber risk

This report gathers insights from CISO’s, Information Security and Risk Management professionals across the legal, financial, insurance and professional services industries in Europe, to understand how the cyber threat is evolving and how the C-Suite’s journey towards cyber resilience must evolve with it.

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My advice to firms looking to improve their cyber risk management strategies would be: don't underestimate the impact on your business. It will happen to everyone to a degree, so don't disregard this as something that happens to other people. Every board, every business has to proceed on the basis of, ‘It will happen to us.

Andrew Darwin, Global co-chairman and senior partner,
DLA Piper

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Aon Cyber Solutions

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