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We are living in a time of unprecedented volatility, with trends in economics, demographics and geopolitics compounded by the rapid pace of technological change. At Aon, we bring together the most forward-thinking minds to solve these global challenges.

Gathering our expertise in identifying, quantifying and managing risk, this series offers strategic support and in-depth analysis to help business leaders harness the power of the bigger picture and move forward with confidence.

Mergers &

Our aim is to secure investments and enhance returns in M&A transactions along the deal lifecycle, from entry to exit. Exploring the changing nature of risk, the first in our series raises the question: Are traditional approaches to M&A due diligence and risk mitigation still fit for purpose? This report sheds new light on some of the untapped opportunities in the transaction process.

Unlocking off-radar transaction value

Leaving nothing on the table:
Unlocking off-radar transaction value

This report gathers insights from leading dealmakers at corporate buyers, private equity and real estate funds, investment banks and law firms, to understand how transaction practices are evolving. They consider how to develop deeper insights, hedge risk more effectively and extract more value from intangible assets.

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The transaction world is only getting more competitive, so we have a relentless focus on looking for any edge we can find – innovative risk management solutions will certainly be part of the toolkit to help us achieve that.

Shaun Mercer Managing Director, The Carlyle Group

Developing new insights

We discuss the insight strategically partnering with the Financial Times offers, and what this means for the M&A ecosystem.

Financial Times

Partnering with the Financial Times

We discuss where M&A is heading, and why we have strategically partnered with the Financial Times.