Human Sustainability Index (HSI)

Human Sustainability Index

Learn how your organization can benefit from the Human Sustainability Index. 

What is the Human Sustainability Index?

The Human Sustainability Index (HSI) measures wellbeing, resilience and sustainability at the individual, team and organizational levels. It provides you and your leadership team with data-driven insights to make meaningful workforce decisions with clarity and confidence.

Importantly, the HSI brings together a program of diagnostics, coaching, world-class training and strategy consultancy. It is more than a methodology or tool.

Why is Human Sustainability Important? 

Our research found that there is a relationship between wellbeing and a sustainable working life, and that relationship can affect company performance. Namely, the higher an organization’s ratings in overall employee wellbeing, culture and climate of wellbeing, performance of wellbeing initiatives and funding allocation toward wellbeing are, the better their scores in the categories of a sustainable working life, workforce resilience, agility and belonging. There is also a direct relationship to company performance. Improving these factors can enhance company performance by at least 11 percent and up to 55 percent.

Your organization is only as resilient as its people. Yet, only 30 percent of employees identify as being resilient, revealing a massive gap of untapped potential for growth and change to drive business performance.

How HSI Works to Drive Better Decisions

  • Measurement

    How can you measure resilience and diversity in a robust and consistent way across your full workforce?

  • Innovation

    How can you create an approach to people that allows for iterative learning and experimentation?

  • Strategy

    How can you encompass individual, team and organizational resilience into an overarching strategic plan to embrace the inter-connected nature of each?

  • Inclusivity

    How can you leverage synergies and addresses differences across different segments of your workforce to ensure your approach to people is accessible and inclusive?

The Benefits of Using HSI

  • Starting With Individuals

    For individuals, as a route to navigating the complexity of our modern-day experience.

    • Develop personalized resilience plans to maintain self-sustaining practices formulated from data, feedback and coaching
    • Individuals have a greater understanding of their resilience
    • More resilient talent and sustained personal performance

  • Progressing to Groups

    For teams, as a pathway to building collective capacity for change.

    • Create collaborative and supportive awareness as a group
    • Transform from reactive practices to proactive and inclusive practices
    • Empower groups with the insight and skills to champion and support team sustainability in the long term, focusing on strategic thinking

  • Maturing to the Organization

    For organizations, to advance social responsibilities within their sustainability ambitions.

    • Greater organizational sustainability insight that enables transparent and strategic decisions both internally and externally
    • Transition from tactical and peripheral changes to integrated and embedded changes
    • Resilient organizations and sustained organizational performance

At Aon, we believe that building an all-encompassing perspective on performance and wellbeing offers a richer colleague and client experience, ensuring businesses design better ways for workforces to bounce back, innovate, and sustain themselves over time.

In practice, this means committing to new ways of measuring wellbeing, such as the Human Sustainability Index, and educating and empowering people to make meaningful changes, for themselves, their groups and ultimately, their organizations.


Improving workforce resilience, agility and belonging can enhance company performance by at least 11 percent and up to 55 percent. 

Source: Aon's 2022-2023 Global Wellbeing Survey

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