Global Risk Management Survey

Global Risk Management Survey

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Ninth Edition

Global Risk Management Survey

Business leaders are grappling with traditional risks in new guises across both risk and human capital. Explore the full 2023/2024 report now.

Perennial Risks, New Reality

Trade, technology, weather and workforce stability are the central forces in today’s risk landscape. While each of these forces are individually impacting risk exposures, their increasing interconnectedness is adding to the complexity of risk and presenting new challenges to business leaders. In a period of rapid change and heightened volatility, finance, risk, and people leaders need to come together to better understand how these risks connect.

Key Findings

The Compounding Effect of Human Capital Risks

As organizations’ exposure to individual risks intensifies and evolves, so too do the connections between them. Business leaders are feeling the impact of the true cost of human capital challenges, and the reality that people risk intensifies all other top business risks. Consequently, organizations’ preparedness efforts must follow suit, even amid economic and staffing challenges. But how are participants responding to this challenge?

Top 10 Global Risks Facing Organizations Today

The world is more volatile and the macroeconomic environment in which risks must be managed is in constant flux. The velocity of risk evolution, which in many areas was triggered by the pandemic, continues to intensify and forge greater interconnectivity between risks. Click on a risk to find out why it is top of mind for organizations, and for suggestions on how to help mitigate it.


Number of participants in the Global Risk Management Survey

This report draws on data from risk, finance, c-suite and HR leaders across 61 countries and territories.

Industry Insights

Captive Insurance: Uptick in Use Reflects Market Realities

Additional Insights

Captive Insurance: Uptick in Use Reflects Market Realities

As more companies become comfortable using captives and understanding the value they add, captives are likely to become further embedded into corporate risk strategies, regardless of market conditions.



Aon’s ninth Global Risk Management Survey, a biennial web-based research report, was conducted in June to July 2023 in 11 languages. The research gathered the responses from 2,842 decision makers.

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