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The global outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has created unprecedented challenges across geographies. Some countries are easing out of quarantine while others are still in it – and no two experiences are alike. Aon has developed this resource site to help business leaders implement effective responses to the impact the pandemic will continue to have on businesses, employees, and communities. These insights can help readers make better decisions in these complex and volatile times.

Explore our COVID-19 Insights

Explore Our COVID-19 Insights

    COVID-19: Aon's Public Affairs Podcast
  • Format: Audio
  • Episode 01: Aon's Nancy Green, Executive VP and COVID-19 Task Force Leader, and Public Affairs Manager Daniel Serota, provide a high-level overview of the current COVID-19 situation. | April 13, 2020
  • Episode 02: Elisha Walia, Aon's Director of Public Affairs in the UK, dives into the progression of COVID-19 within the UK and EU. | April 17, 2020
  • Episode 03: Joel Wood, Sr. Vice President of Government Affairs, Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers (CIAB), discusses the current state in Washington DC, CIAB's focus, and how the broking industry is engaged. | April 23, 2020
  • Episode 04: Aon's Assistant General Counsel and Director of Compliance, Frank LaVaglia discusses the current regulatory state of the insurance industry. | April 30, 2020
  • Episode 05: Aon's Chief Executive Officer of Singapore, Andrew Minnitt, discusses the current regulatory changes in Singapore and dives into the return to work conversation. | May 11, 2020
  • Episode 06: Accenture's Executive Director of Government Relations, Robert Hoffman, touches on the HEROES act and discusses the importance of the creation of apprenticeship programs in the workforce. | May 15, 2020
  • Episode 07: Aon's CEO of Health Solutions in Latin America, Violetta Ostafin, discusses the regulatory changes and conversation surrounding returning to the workplace in Latin America. | May 22, 2020
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