For many business leaders, COVID-19 will be the most disruptive, world-changing event in living memory.

And the challenges caused by COVID-19 affect every aspect of an organization – from people to the bottom lines. As business leaders seek to quickly respond to this rapidly unfolding crisis, they must also make decisions about next steps in a fluid and uncertain environment where the longer-term horizon is still evolving. The work they do on both fronts will shape the future of their organizations.

In this whitepaper
you will find:

  • Hallmarks of success for companies that survive a crisis
  • Response frameworks to manage varying "event arcs" brought forward by COVID-19
  • Black Swan Decision Framework for Executive Leaders
  • COVID-19 Crisis Management Model
  • Timeframe-based Business Impact Actions and Priorities:
  • - Protect People & Assets
  • - Balance Sheet Protection
  • - Maintain or Increase Revenue
  • - Cost Management
  • - Revisit Business Strategy
Unlocking off-radar transaction value

Decision Making In Complex & Volatile Times:
Keys to Managing COVID-19

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