Introducing XChanges Today: A Business Brief

We are excited to announce the first edition of our new bi-annual publication, XChanges Today. The publication was developed in an effort to keep you informed about the latest employer health care trends and challenges, particularly as they relate to private health exchanges. With each edition, we aim to answer your questions and erase any confusion about this rapidly changing market.

The first edition, available here, starts with the basics of private health exchanges. It explains how employers are facing health care decisions like never before: do they continue to actively manage risk or do they find a new way to transfer it? Because the average cost of health care is rising so steadily (for example, since 2006, the average cost of health care for employees increased 91%*) while salaries are increasing at a significantly slower pace (during that same time, the average pay increase was 26%**), many employers are very interested in finding new ways to deliver health benefits, especially ways that help them control costs while increasing choice for their employees.

This is where private health exchanges fit in.

This volume goes on to explain the key benefits of a private health exchange, namely: transparency; choice; alignment; and competition. While the publication further explains how active employees and retirees benefit from private health exchanges, the foundation is the same across the board: consumers want more choice and employers want more control over costs. Luckily, Aon has innovative exchange solutions to help.

Download the full first edition of XChanges Today here.

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*Aon Hewitt HVI
**Aon Hewitt 2013-2014 U.S. Salary Increase Survey

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