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A dynamic marketplace built on choice

The Aon Active Health Exchangeâ„¢ is a powerful group-health marketplace that flexes to serve large and mid-sized companies. This proven exchange brings together the best of all worlds by giving employers more ways to manage costs and risk while giving employees greater consumer choice. The result is a health benefits solution that works better for everyone.

Giving employees true consumer power

The Aon Active Health Exchange features a spectrum of regional and national carriers offering an optimized menu of plans with varying coverage levels. This unprecedented degree of choice comes with decision-support tools that help employees become fully empowered consumers of their health benefits. An intuitive online shopping experience and expert guidance make it simple for employees to compare, decide on, and enroll in the insurance that best fits their budget, preferred medical networks, and desired coverage amount.

How enrollment works:

  1. Employer defines the employee subsidy.
  2. Employees shop among plans.
  3. Employees shop among carrier options.
  4. Employees get expert decision support.

A framework that always fits your goals

With its dynamic structure, the Aon Active Health Exchange gives you a stronger ability to manage costs in whichever way aligns with your benefits strategy. Through defined contributions, you can limit your upfront health care expenditure. You can also control how claims costs are managed and choose whether to retain the risk in-house by self-insuring or transfer it to the insurance carriers by fully insuring. And as your benefits strategy evolves over time, your exchange solution can shift to support it.

A flexible framework of options

Free Market Benefits

A stronger marketplace through competition

The Aon Active Health Exchange is the only exchange designed with additional features to meet the needs of even the largest employers. By leveraging our fully insured, multi-carrier capabilities, employers can inject efficiencies and cost-control mechanisms into group health care for the first time ever. Because carriers compete side-by-side for individual participants, they gain a strong incentive to meet market demands with enhanced innovation, greater value, and increased efficiencies. Carriers have also embraced this model because the exchange gives them easier access to a much wider pool of potential enrollees.