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Aon Exchange Solutions
Proven Results

The Impact of Aon Exchange Solutions

Take a look at some of the ways Aon Exchange Solutions™ are delivering positive results for employers and participants.

Exchange Enrollment

Projected enrollment across our suite of health care exchanges.

150+ companies, 1.4MM + Employees

Curbing the Cost Trend

Fourth-year premiums show early signs that the exchange model is bringing down the rate of increase in overall health care costs.

Group Percentage

Source: Aon Hewitt Health Value Initiative, 2015.

We’re investing in the health of our team members and their dependents through expanded choices that let them personalize their coverage in a competitive environment.
Kathleen Wilson-Thompson
Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer, Walgreen Co.
Down 20-50%

Employers’ Spend

The Aon Retiree Health Exchange™ helps reduce employers’ gross annual retiree medical spend.

Consumers Thrive on Plan Choices

Consumer Choice Drivers
34% of active enrollees chose by price, 20% by similarity to existing plan, 28% by benefit level, 18% for other reasons.


Xchanges Today

Xchanges Today

Read more about how private health exchanges are helping companies to address some of their biggest health benefit challenges.


Our Exchange Solutions

Learn how Aon Exchange Solutions can help you offer coverage and paths to coverage for your entire employee population.

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