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COVID-19 Employee Impact Model

Estimate the short-term impact of COVID-19 on your employee population. Available for US and global workforce populations.


COVID-19-Related Challenges For Employers



Cutting Edge Data Modeling

Aon’s COVID-19 Employee Impact Model forecasts the impact on your employee population based on geographic-specific infection rates and advanced epidemiologic models. The model draws from several quality epidemiological sources, including The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and The COVID Tracking Project, as well as consultation with national carriers and labs.


Sample Model Results


Select a date to see projected cases and claims cost for your employee population.




COVID-19 Employee Impact Model

The model provides a short-term forecast to estimate the COVID-19 impact on your employee population using your census data.

Key features include:

  • Adjust for essential employees and industry-specific infection exposure
  • View population impact by geographic area over time
  • Visual heat map to reflect the latest COVID-19 risk by geography, starting with the US
  • Estimate the number of mild cases, hospitalizations, ICU visits, and fatalities based on specific population demographics
  • Adjust for future lockdown and mitigation controls to model future COVID-19 infection waves by geography
  • Estimate health care costs associated with testing and treatment, as well as health care cost offsets due to utilization reductions (US only)
  • Estimate employee days lost by case severity
  • Estimate the cost of time away by case severity inclusive of sick time, Short-Term Disability, caregiving time away, and worker replacement costs (US only)
  • Project hypothetical Workers Compensation costs for medical and lost time for COVID-19 claims (US only)
  • Advanced filtering and custom subgrouping
  • Powered by a cloud-based platform updated regularly with latest data and forecasts

Which organizations are best candidates for this analysis?

The COVID-19 Employee Impact Model can provide excellent value for mid-sized to very large companies, however smaller employer sizes may see limited value in the results.

How Aon Can Help

In addition to providing your real-time COVID-19 impact results, Aon can help you leverage the data to make strategic decisions surrounding your workforce, including benefits costs, time off, and paid leave. The model has broad applicability and its functionality and scope is rapidly increasing over time.


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