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The Era of the Person

The Era of the Person Whitepaper

Placing the Individual at the Center of the Health Care Ecosystem

We are on the doorstep of a new era in employer-sponsored health care. Over the last two decades we saw a shift from a health system centered on medical providers (the Era of the Provider) to one in which the health plan was primary (the Era of the Health Plan).

Today’s trends mark a movement to place the individual at the center, the dawn of the Era of the Person in health care.

Employers offering health coverage today find themselves at a crossroads, where major trends are converging to create both new burdens and new opportunities. With the rising cost of providing health care and the declining health of the American workforce, organizations today are struggling to offer quality, affordable health coverage for employees and their families. In fact, health care costs are growing nearly three times faster than the average salary.

With the U.S. health care system in the midst of major change, all signs are promising that industry-leading solutions will align interests and remove the barriers that have turned health into one of the most complex and consequential issues of our time.

One strategy that continues to grow in popularity is the private health exchange, a competitive marketplace where consumers can learn about, evaluate and buy health insurance from multiple insurance carriers.

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