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- Japan Severance Practices Pulse Study -

Aon Japan will proceed Japan severance practice pulse survey this year. Aon Japan constantly monitors emerging risks and their impact on our clients. Our approach to the outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus, is no different. Some companies may not consider taking any actions; however, we also understand other companies may seek ways to reduce personnel costs in response to a downturn in demand due to the pandemic crisis. We seek to know how your organization is responding to the crisis with respect to the area of severance program.

【About Severance Practices Pulse Study】

A pulse survey with only 10 minutes completing the questionnaire.
All Individual responses are confidential and company names will not be disclosed.
Participants will receive a summary report for free

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【Schedule & Fee】 
  • Questionnaire  - End of July
  • Report              - In August
  • Free to participants.



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