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Actuarial and Analytical Insurance Consulting

Actuarial Services

Aon is an internationally-known actuarial consulting firm with worldwide offices; our 170 consultants within our global Actuarial & Analytical (A&A) practice, including 70 credentialed actuaries, have strong expertise with international risk and international insurance programs. Additional resources are also available in partnership with AonBenfield Our unmatched teams of actuaries have deep industry expertise, including direct management and underwriting experience at insurance companies Aon leverages long-standing experience and internally-developed models to provide best-in-class services as your Consulting Actuary.
Our Actuarial team can help you in Solvency and Capital Management :

  • QIS 5 calculation , we already performed more than 50 calculations.
  • STT (Swiss Solvency Test) calculation.
  • Economic Capital study using stochastic models.
  • Calibration and documentation of the internal models for life and non-life companies.
  • Support for development of models under ReMetrica.
  • Design and implementation of ORSA ( Own Risk and Solvency Assessment ).
  • Modelization and optimization of insurance programmes.
  • Serve as an Actuarial Function under Solvency II.

  • Reserving calculation and Portfolio valuation for all type of Line Of Business.
  • Reserving certification for both life and non-life companies.
  • Best Estimate and Risk Margin calculation under Solvency II.
  • On-going monitoring of trends and developments of international best practices.
Pricing and profitability 
  • Stochastic Models and claims forecasting including high risks.
  • Product pricing for all branches. Profitability testing under a confidence level.
  • Study of prospective mortality tables using capacity of stochastic simulations.
  • Product pricing for all branches. Profitability testing under a confidence level.
Business Planning
  • Support for the establishment of life or non-life insurance companies.
  • Support for the preparation of the application file and liaise with the regulator.
  • Forecasting financial statement and stochastic model.
  • Support for developing financial models under ReMetrica.
Business Consulting
  • Support to IT Projects specifically for actuarial needs and revenue management.