Strategic Communication and Change

Providing communication, culture, change and employee experience strategy, design and execution during transaction and transformational organization initiatives

Ensuring communication and change management needs are uncovered early is critical to developing strategies and execution plans that keep employees engaged, aware, and productive throughout the lifecycle of a change, moving everyone toward the desired outcomes.

Aon's Strategic Communication and Change Solutions supports you with:

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The Aon Advantage

Our team of communication and change management experts provide breadth and depth of expertise across people-related communications. We understand not just how to communicate and manage change, but how to do so for highly complex and technical human capital areas such as total rewards, culture, employment and labor relations, HR programs and processes, and organizational planning. Our tools and processes ensure that detailed discovery and analysis is conducted up front to better shape our strategies and execution plans during transactions and transformations. We make sure our recommendations fit your organization and your circumstances and our flexible support model ensures that we give you the type of communication and change management support you need. We bring insights, innovation, creativity, and rigor to all our projects, providing you with the best advice, specifically tailored to your culture and your unique needs and challenges.