Organizational & Talent Planning

Drive business results through strong organization planning and talent selection and staffing

During times of significant corporate change, organizations need to secure the right structure, leaders, and talent in place as quickly as possible as well as rationalize and forecast human resources spend to identify efficiencies and realize synergies. Complementing our consulting expertise, our Aon TransAction Manager™ tool delivers an integrated end-to-end web-based platform solution that increases and accelerates value creation for your organizational and talent planning.

Aon TransAction Manager™ provides the following business benefits:

  • Accelerated headcount-based run-rate cost synergies, resulting in permanent savings
  • Access to a single source of truth for organization and talent planning, eliminating the need for perpetual spreadsheet-based fire drills and accelerating planning and synergy savings
  • Daily refreshed HRIS-systems data to improve accuracy and efficiency
  • Stronger and more consistent leader visibility and accountability related to planned and actual headcount spend
  • Aligned positions and people to the go-forward operating model
  • Support for Finance and Human Resource measurement and reporting requirements
  • On-demand sophisticated reporting and insights
  • Ability to better scale and accelerate planning efforts through web access and role-based security

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The Aon Advantage

Aon has been pioneering and leading organizational planning consulting and technology solutions. Our global team has delivered over $200 billion in deal value on our platform and we use this extensive experience to help ensure pitfalls that might impact the future success of the project are avoided. Aon's approach and system is built to be rapidly configurable to our clients' unique needs.

Aon is committed to:

  • Help accelerate permanent run rate savings commitments
  • Drive efficiency and minimize staff time requirements
  • Replace the typical high cost of internal and external resources working on organizational planning