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Maximizing value throughout the deal lifecycle

Aon has experienced tremendous growth in M&A insurance over the past several years. Along with the increase in number of policies written has come a proportionate uptick in the number of claims against those policies where damages occurred.

Aon is committed to providing clients with not only the industry’s deepest brokerage team with M&A experience, but also a highly experienced team of claims advocates whose primary role is to support clients throughout the claims process, from the filing of an initial notice to ultimate resolution with the insurer.

Aon has deep experience in negotiating a wide array of management liability claims. Together, we bring a seasoned approach to efficiently and effectively negotiating claims on our clients’ behalf.

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The Aon Advantage

Aon’s Transaction Solutions team has been leading the creation and advancement of transaction liability insurance since the market’s inception. Comprising former senior M&A and tax attorneys and other senior M&A leaders, we bring a depth of knowledge and passion for developing tailored solutions to your complex deal risks that are unparalleled in this industry. We know firsthand that the timing and sensitivity of a deal are paramount to its success and work closely with your deal teams and insurance providers to advise and execute solutions that improve your deal outcomes.