Bespoke Contingent Risk Solutions

Transform complex risks into opportunities 

Aon has led the way in developing solutions that address complex financial risks. Our specialized team of highly experienced capital markets and financial professionals deploy insurance capital in a radically different way to address market inefficiencies, lowers costs, increases margins, and take risk off the balance sheet as a critical part of clients’ M&A, corporate and capital strategies.

Aon structures capital for complex, high value issues:

  • Risks that require cash or credit reserves
  • Deal-breaking M&A transaction risks

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The Aon Advantage

Aon has been leading the creation and advancement of contingent liability insurance since the market’s inception. Our dedicated team with expertise in corporate finance, tax, litigation, M&A, and the capital markets brings a depth of knowledge and passion for developing tailored solutions to your complex deal risks that is unparalleled in this industry to solve our clients’ most complex problems.