Representations & Warranties Insurance / Warranty & Indemnity Insurance

Unlock deal value and improve business outcomes

Representations and warranties insurance is the answer to concerns about known and unknown risks that can prevent a deal from closing or leave buyers with unwanted liabilities. With the risk of sellers and buyers not realizing their desired goals, representations and warranties insurance is a proven tool that allows deal professionals to bridge gaps between both sides and helps improve deal outcomes through protection against unknown breaches of representations and warranties.

Aon leads the representations and warranties insurance market both in terms of limits placed and policies written since we started tracking in 2013. Your deal is supported by a global team of experienced former practicing M&A lawyers and professionals who expertly manage your transaction through the entire process. We understand and appreciate the complexity, time-sensitivity, and unique nature of each deal, and will become an extension of your deal team. Aon helps identify red-flag issues before they become deal breakers and, most importantly, we can help you close your deals on time with maximum value realized.

With Representations and Warranties Insurance:

Sellers can:

  • Expedite the sale process
  • Exit deals with increased funds
  • Attract best offers
  • Reduce or eliminate post-closing indemnity obligations
  • Reduce contingent liabilities
  • Protect passive sellers

Buyers can:

  • Increase maximum indemnification
  • Extend survival periods
  • Emerge as more attractive bidders
  • Protect key relationships with management at the target
  • Ease collection concerns from distressed or credit-challenged sellers
  • Obtain recourse for unidentified issues

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The Aon Advantage

Aon’s Transaction Solutions team has led the creation and advancement of Transaction Liability Insurance since the market’s inception. Comprised of more than 40 former M&A and tax attorneys and other senior M&A leaders, we bring a depth of knowledge and passion for developing tailored solutions to your complex deal risks that is unparalleled in this industry. We know first-hand that the timing and sensitivity of a deal is paramount to its success, working closely with your deal team and our insurance providers to advise and execute solutions that improve your deal outcomes.