Net zero: Progressing at pace

Through our net zero target, we are strengthening our commitment to building resilience and sustainability into client portfolios — without compromising on risk and return.

We will do this through:

Empowering stewardship

Advocating for effective engagement and collaboration with asset managers and asset owners.

We evaluate and monitor asset managers and their progress towards ESG integration, as well as how they exercise their stewardship duties and take action to address the carbon emissions profile of their funds.

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Mitigating risk

Supporting clients to identify those investments in their portfolios predisposed to ESG-related risks.

We have developed an ESG dashboard to provide tailored investment strategy and manager-level insights of carbon footprints and manager alignment with carbon reduction initiatives.

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Delivering solutions tilted to lower carbon footprint investments

Innovating to accelerate progress towards carbon reduction.

Aon’s award-winning multi-factor equity solution delivers half the carbon intensity compared with the broad equity market. This is achieved by filtering the investment universe to positively tilt towards companies with a lower carbon footprint.

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Benefiting people and the environment

Supporting investors to build portfolios with a positive impact.

We have developed Aon’s Global Impact Fund, a single fund investing in multiple strategies which address a range of impact themes targeting the transition to a more sustainable economy.