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PathWise allows companies to move their technical operations to the cloud without sacrificing control, security, and quality. The goal and mission of PathWise software-as-a-service (SaaS) is to provide complete end-to-end support for all our clients and their critical production operations. Aon PathWise is pioneering in the financial industry by making GPUs the new normal for calculations running in production on Amazon since 2011, and have gained deep expertise when it comes to GPUs and SaaS services. We have a dedicated team of actuaries, software developers, financial and DevOps engineers that partner with our clients to actively build, maintain, monitor, and support activities such as:

  • Daily hedging operations
  • Service bureau for financial reporting
  • Change requests and management to client models and business logic
  • Production run monitoring
  • Software and cloud infrastructure upgrade testing
  • 3rd party data vendors
  • B2B data transfers/communication
  • Disaster recovery solutions and testing
  • Security controls and audits
  • End-user training and support

Our systems are backed by a strong cloud platform hosted by AWS. As an Advanced Amazon Partner with Financial Services competency, PathWise provides scalable, secure, and high-performance software solutions that are hosted on the AWS Cloud. 

iA Financial Group uses PathWise to model insurance business especially for all the computationally intensive projections. To quantify market risk exposure for products with minimum guarantee, we recently decided to significantly increase the number of stochastic projections which increased memory usage and incurs extensive grid cost. By partnering with the PathWise service team, we were able to successfully complete the task quickly and save cost by minimizing the grid usage.


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Model Risk Management

PathWise® for model risk management is a flexible and fully customizable enterprise-level risk management system. It consists of powerful tools and infrastructure, from desktop to cloud, that support the management of models, data, and scripts throughout all lifecycle stages.

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