Hedging Solutions

PathWise Solutions Group at Aon provides proven hedge management and analysis services that allow our global clients to manage risk and capital efficiently. Our services are made possible by three key factors that are crucial for any successful hedging program: expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and efficient and stable operations.

The PathWise Solutions Group has been implementing hedging systems for over a decade, and understands how a financial institution can hedge their books with efficiency, consistency, and the right frequency balancing hedge ratio with trading costs while showing all required management information to take instant action on. PathWise automatically generates trade recommendations to be executing by the client or this can be performed by PathWise.

3 Key Factors

Cutting Edge Technology

We believe that PathWise® is the fastest and most scalable risk management platform in the industry today. It has been used in production since 2010 by insurance companies around the world to support their mission critical operations in valuation, hedging, pricing, and forecasting of capital and reserves.

PathWise® has been designed from the ground up as a true high-performance computing, big data and cloud-enabled platform. It is built on the GPU technology that powers the world’s fastest super computers.

PathWise® allows our clients to cut the run-time of their complex calculations by several orders of magnitude – which significantly shortens the development cycle for new products – and adapt quickly to the latest regulatory and accounting standards. These are all made possible by the exceptional speed, flexibility, stability and ease of use offered by PathWise®.

As a comprehensive risk management platform, PathWise® provides a suite of powerful applications that are used for modeling, analysis, reporting and real-time monitoring and management of market risk. Its orchestration, workflow design and grid management tools help to optimize levels of performance and system availability for our clients.

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