Wealth Management

Data driven business intelligence and strategic advisory

We help firms around the world to improve the performance of their teams and their wider business to meet their goals.

We have unique data covering compensation, workforce productivity, firm-wide financial performance and client experience at Regional Brokerages, Wealth Managers and Private Banks. Teams across firms from HR and Marketing to the Front Office, Senior Leadership and Finance choose us to help them solve key challenges.

Challenges we solve

Using our market data and analytics, we optimize the relationship between delivering value to your customers, employee rewards and returns to shareholders.

We help you to:

  • Understand how to set sales and productivity goals for your client facing teams
  • Understand where to invest in your client experience and grow your share of wallet
  • Uncover cost savings that can fund investment for growth
  • Design client team structures that will drive cost-efficient growth
  • Identify the skills that will make your client facing teams successful

Productivity, Market Share and Financial Performance

  • Individual and Team Productivity
    Understand market competitiveness and align pay to individual productivity
    Understand how firm and individual revenue/profitability correlates to build more effective teams and grow revenue
  • Market Share
    Uncover the market share of advisors’ revenue and assets in your markets and identify growth opportunities
  • Firm-wide financial performance
    Gain insight into your competitiveness to optimise your strategy
    Benchmark firm revenues and profitability against the industry

Strategic Advisory

  • Client Team Operating Model
    • Combine insights from client experience, individual/team performance, and firm financial data to build a client team for success
    • Implement a client-centric advisor model to grow your business
  • Strategic Workforce Planning
    • Prepare your workforce to meet the future of work
    • Understand the impact of technology
    • Discover the impact of your location strategy
    • Uncover the skills your workforce needs for your business to thrive

Client Insight

  • Identify the client experience moments with the biggest impact on revenue and share of wallet
  • Benchmark client engagement across the industry
  • Track and measure the success of marketing campaigns
  • Increase audience reach
  • Support strategic growth initiatives

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Compensation Intelligence

  • Incentive plan design
    Align incentives to business strategy at the individual, plan, function and firm levels.

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