Insurance is a key weapon in the armoury for organisations to use in the fight against ransomware, but a dramatic increase in the frequency and severity of ransomware related losses has made insuring cyber risk increasingly challenging.

Now more than ever, organisations must be able to showcase their preparedness for a ransomware attack and have appropriate levels of security control maturity to increase insurability.

What is your organisation’s ransomware defence maturity level?

Aon’s Ransomware Defence Recommended Practices provides organisations with clear and practical guidance to help safeguard against ransomware.

  • Reflects a combination of practical experience, industry best-practices and feedback from leading cyber security and insurance partners.
  • Provides advice on increasing security & cyber insurability.
  • Clear guidance on cyber control areas to consider, rooted in the NIST cyber security framework, to help safeguard against ransomware.

Complete the checklist to help determine your overall Ransomware Defence maturity level and preparedness.

Ransomware Report Cover

This insight provides initial critical visibility of ransomware preparedness and helps organisations to prioritise improvements and investments needed to remain secure.

Introducing Aon’s Ransomware Defence Bundle

A tailored range of Cyber Security Services to help organisations prevent and mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack. This approach can better support insurance decisions by showcasing thorough and diligent preparedness to withstand ransomware attacks.

External Threat Scanning

Gain critical visibility into your external internet footprint and potential active ransomware threats to your organisation and industry.

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  • Threat intelligence dark web scan
  • Cyberscan to assess vulnerabilities

Attack Surface Assessment

Understand your attack surface in order to tailor ransomware defences.

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  • Targeted NIST-based controls assessment: (including back-up & patch management)
  • Defensive security controls assessment: AD/Office 365, email, workstation build

Incident Response Readiness

Respond effectively to ransomware incidents by proactively building your plans, capabilities and expertise.

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  • Development of IR Plan or, if already in place, tabletop exercise
  • Incident response retainer

Cyber Attack Simulation

Access critical management information to measure the effectiveness of your ransomware protections and assess employee security awareness.

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  • Cyber attack simulation
  • Managed phishing campaign

Additional (Optional) Defence Layer

Ransomware technology solutions

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  • Privilege Access Management (PAM)
  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)
  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Key benefits of the Ransomware Defence Bundle

Assesses and identifies ransomware risks in a systematic manner and optimises controls for ransomware defence.

Reduces the likelihood of network intrusion through a ransomware attack.

Delivers ongoing vulnerability management and visibility to potential compromises through dark web scanning.

Raises employee cyber security awareness through phishing simulation.

Enhances and tests an organisation’s preparedness for incident response.

It’s time for defence in depth.

To help with the ongoing enhancement of your Ransomware Defence maturity level, Aon have developed a Ransomware Defence Bundle designed to help mitigate vulnerabilities and strengthen controls.

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