PathWise®1 is a cloud-enabled, scalable, and award-winning* High Performance Computing enterprise risk management solution that allows (re)insurers and pension funds to access next generation technology to rapidly solve today’s key insurance challenges such as hedge strategy testing, regulatory and economic forecasting, and budgeting. Further, PathWise can be used for valuation, pricing, and hedging of all life products including variable annuities.

Next generation toolNext generation tool:
PathWise reduces the run-time of complex life insurance risk calculations from weeks to only a few hours by leveraging the full power of High Performance Computing. This allows business users to focus more on analysis and spend less time waiting for results. SunLife case study*

Game changer

Game changer:
PathWise holds the promise of changing the traditional approach to risk management, pricing, reporting and economic value-based valuation

One Platform serves all purposes

One platform serves all purposes:
PathWise capabilities include Economic Scenario Generator (ESG), liability calculation, asset modelling, and reporting and database functionality in one platform in order to efficiently manage your business.


Benefits of using PathWise

Eliminate the need for inaccurate short cuts and assumptions, such as the use of model points and curve fitting, through unparalleled computational power (GPU’s) and scalability. Kyobo Life*

IFRS 17 and Big Data Ready
PathWise easily handles the largest insurance portfolios and has been tested to load 200+ million policyholders in a single run for IFRS 17 purposes.

Cut Costs
Decrease costs by streamlining complex and error-prone processes through the power of a single integrated and automated enterprise business platform designed to assist valuation, pricing, hedging and ALM, which includes scenario and report generation, and big data warehousing. Standard Life case study*.

Enhance risk management by examining all model logic, the order of calculations, past revisions, and all intermediate results in a transparent and intuitive model repository environment.

Adapt rapidly to the latest regulatory and reporting requirements and shorten the cycle for new product development in a flexible and fully customizable enterprise risk management system.

Integrated version control of models and scripts, user right controls, ‘future proof write once and target often’ software, and maintainable Develop / Test / Production drag & drop environments.

PathWise can help clients reduce the need to add extensive staff and consulting professionals as they prepare for the new regulatory and accounting requirements of IFRS 17


PathWise can be utilized for:

PathWise can be utilized for 

1PathWise is a trademark of PathWise Solutions Group LLC registered in the U.S., Canada and EU.
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PathWise was presented the HPC Innovation Excellence Award in 2012