Data Transformation

Catastrophe modellers are tasked with the cleansing and continuous re-formatting of exposure data to analyse in catastrophe models. This is often a labour-intensive, inefficient use of a skilled resource.

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Introducing ImpactWorkbench®

Aon’s ImpactWorkbench tool enables re/insurers to transform exposure data sets into catastrophe model input formats to save time, reduce the potential for error and increase transparency. With increasing choices of catastrophe models, a repeatable and efficient process for translating data will enable analysts to access insights more efficiently.


  • API (Application Programming Interface) allows programmatic access to the components of the tool and minimises manual intervention
  • Transparent and scalable, with minimal maintenance requirement
  • Latest model changes are incorporated in a timely fashion, so clients do not have to do change management in the catastrophe modelling process
  • Leverages years of development experience and enhancements


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Step by step process to convert your data

Supporting open data formats curated by Oasis for market efficiency and choice

To support catastrophe analysts, ImpactWorkbench now includes a new feature to support the Open Exposure Data (OED) format, which means re/insurers can now produce import-ready files for Oasis-based catastrophe modelling systems, including Nasdaq’s Risk Modelling for Catastrophes (NRMC) and Aon’s ELEMENTS platform from Impact Forecasting.


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