By monitoring 1,500+ emerging technology companies, Aon helps clients navigate this space and capture new opportunities that match their strategic objectives

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The real challenge is to filter through the enormity of the emerging technology landscape to stay relevant and competitive by innovating at a faster pace.

Aon’s emerging technology collaborations deliver growth opportunities and enable insurers to stay ahead of the game to improve:

• customers’ digital experience
• claims performance and operational efficiencies
• underwriting insights and outcomes


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Are you a tech firm looking to collaborate?

We are excited to engage and collaborate with both startups and established technology companies to provide solutions to our clients across digital distribution, analytics & data, IoT/Sensors/Devices and Blockchain.

Aon is committed to proactively scouting for black and minority owned start-ups – that represent the diversity of our technology community – to seek opportunities for proof of concepts. We will also utilize Aon’s innovation network to mentor minority entrepreneurs and help them increase the value of their business.