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New product design and primary pricing

We work with over 50 reinsurers to enhance product offerings and boost the available capacity.

We have expertise across all lines of business, several geographies and products varying from standard hail covers, multi-peril to parametric crop insurance covers.

Modelling data and analytics

We use our modelling and experience to help design and price effective covers which can then be used to garner the necessary reinsurance support, and / or the most effective reinsurance structure

Reinsurance placement

We can assist reinsurers manage their risks and accumulations by arranging retrocession cover

Government and Corporate Advisory

Agriculture insurance does extend well beyond government subsidised programmes. There are several corporate entities that would also suffer from a reduction in crop yield or livestock production. We can help here by designing bespoke covers to protect income streams and increased costs of working if a corporate were to experience a reduction in its agriculture supply, either reduced harvests or a reduction in livestock products.

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