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New risks accompany the opportunities as our global economy undergoes radical change from innovation in digital technology and data. Evolving threat vectors create complex risk management, regulatory compliance, and risk transfer issues for businesses. Insurers are well-positioned to support organizations with cyber insurance. That requires a nimble underwriting strategy, a deep understanding of how cyber risk aggregates, and how reinsurance can be used to hedge against this evolving exposure.

A global team of dedicated cyber specialists in Aon's Reinsurance Solutions business brings a wide array of expertise to support the development of a robust cyber insurance market.  With experience in cyber reinsurance broking, underwriting, legal, cybersecurity, and actuarial science, we are working with re/insurers to develop their strategies to offer affirmative cover, manage profitability of their portfolios, and grow their business.

How can you benefit?

Strategy & distribution
Strategy & Distribution
As demand rises for cyber insurance, now is the optimal time for insurers to grow their business by taking advantage of new opportunities to write products across multiple territories, including MGA, binder, white-label and bolt-on solutions. Our Cyber Practice works with insurers from the start-up stage and onwards, advising on strategy, product development, incident response services and distribution. Discover how to choose the right partners on the basis of product, service, geography and competition considerations by partnering with Aon.

Reinsurance advocacy
Reinsurance Advocacy
Our global market presence and role as your advocate enables us to strive for competitive terms and conditions with the most effective structures. Our brokers place standalone and embedded, proportional and non-proportional cyber reinsurance programmes, including uncapped quota share, excess of loss and aggregate stop losses. Any programme is designed to respond to both the strategic objectives and the systemic threat unique to each of our clients’ portfolios.

Dedicated data and analytics
Dedicated data and anlytics
Quantification of cyber risk is paramount as underwriter and regulatory concerns about systemic risks are increasing. Our dedicated cyber analytics team takes a consultative, multi-model approach, which enables insurers to more accurately quantify aggregation in their portfolio for more informed underwriting and maintain long-term profitability.
With a broad base of experience in cybersecurity, catastrophe modeling, and actuarial science, this team has developed creative approaches to help insurers underwrite these risks with confidence and make informed reinsurance purchasing decisions.
Aon’s CyberMetrica® risk and capital modeling platform* supports a suite of analytics solutions:
  • Collaboration with Aon’s Cyber Solutions Group of cybersecurity consultants to create bespoke scenarios to quantify affirmative and non-affirmative cyber exposures. Tracking threat vectors and reports, we apply live sector-specific risks to parameterize each scenario and inform the development of your underwriting strategy.
  • We collaborate with CyberCube, a leading cyber insurance analytics platform, to develop scenarios and detailed probabilistic models. By providing insurers with a way to identify and cross-reference key points of aggregation, these tools support reinsurance optimization and growth strategies.
  • Aon’s Cyber Risk Aggregation model (ACRAM) is our propriety data breach model. Based on 20 years of proprietary data, this probabilistic model supports systemic risk sensitivity testing.


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