Inflationary Trends Report - August 2022

As inflation remains at its highest level in decades – Aon’s Inflationary Trends Report reveals key monthly insights driving inflation and explores how this impacts insurers’ pricing, claims management and reinsurance needs and the options to navigate this fluctuating landscape.
Key Findings
  • Broad inflationary pressures in the US have started to ease, mostly due to falling energy prices. The CPI moved down to 8.5% from last month’s 9.1%. 
  • Importantly for property insurance industry, increases in construction costs have slowed considerably over the past two months. Marshall & Swift, the Aon Indices, and other construction metrics all show continued slowing of construction cost increases. 
  • Most forecasters now think the US is at, or already past, peak inflation. The CPI is expected to continue to fall through the remainder of 2022 and into 2023.
* * *

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