Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace

Embracing inclusivity

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Employee resilience is a vital component of risk mitigation, and it starts with a healthy workforce.

Championing diversity, equity and inclusion (‘DE&I’) is not a new theme for many organisations – but external factors are reinforcing the need for a robust DE&I strategy and accelerating pressure on organisations to act and report on DE&I goals.

An inclusive culture and a diverse workforce are key drivers of workforce resilience, and increasingly, central tenets in investor attraction, regulatory compliance and corporate reputation.

Our whitepaper explores the drivers of DE&I and the steps employers should be taking, sharing insights on:

  • Embracing inclusivity
  • The current state and future
  • Workforce needs: how to drive the desired impact
  • Where to start

As organisations are planning for the future of work,

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have ‘driving DE&I in the workplace’ on top of their mind.

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In order to become an organisation where DE&I strategy drives the desired impact, an integrated approach is crucial. Visible leadership commitment, effective communications, an open and honest culture, a non-biased selection process, and equal career opportunities are vital.

By putting in place measures to make their workplace more inclusive and diverse, HR leaders can improve the employee experience and help the organisation leverage the diversity of the workforce to the fullest.

Download Aon’s must-read paper: Diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace

Download the paper

‘Valuing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is not about special treatment; it’s about fair treatment for all. Employers should not consciously or unconsciously perpetuate any form of discrimination and should foster a culture that recognises and values individual strengths, embracing multiple perspectives. The spirit of inclusion is how employers should conduct their business and in volatile times it is more important than ever that employers continually monitor their approach. Corporate statements of intent need to be backed up with actions relevant to the whole of the workforce.’

Matthew Lawrence, Chief Broking Officer EMEA, Health Solutions, Aon

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