Risk Maturity Index 2.0

Aon Risk Maturity Index

The Aon Risk Maturity Index is an innovative tool that is designed to capture and assess an organization’s risk management practices and provide participants with immediate feedback in the form of a Risk Maturity Rating, along with comments for improvement.

The nine characteristics of advanced risk maturity

The Aon Risk Maturity Index includes a variety of questions concerning risk management practices, corporate governance and management decision processes. The questions included are based upon the nine characteristics of advanced risk maturity:

  1. Board-level commitment
    Board-level understanding of and commitment to risk management as a critical factor for decision making and for driving value

  2. Executive leadership
    A senior-level executive who drives and facilitates key risk management processes and development

  3. Transparent risk communication
    Consistent and routine risk reporting throughout the organization

  4. A culture of risk ownership
    Risk culture that encourages full engagement and accountability at all levels of the organization

  5. Data and analytics
    Identification of existing and emerging risks using internal and external data and information

  6. Stakeholder participation
    Participation of key stakeholders in risk management strategy development and policy setting

  7. Risk-based decision making
    Formal collection and incorporation of operational and financial risk information into decision making and governance processes

  8. Risk quantification
    Use of sophisticated quantification methods to understand risk and demonstrate added value through risk management

  9. Optimized risk profile
    A move from focusing on risk avoidance and mitigation to leveraging risk and risk management options that extract value

Who should participate in the index?

The Risk Maturity Index has been developed for risk leaders, financial executives and C-suite professionals to help them gain a greater understanding of their organization.

What do I receive for participating?

Upon completion of the questionnaire, you will receive an immediate risk maturity rating as well as comments designed to offer general guidance for enhancing your organization’s level of risk maturity. The ratings and comments are provided for free. Aon can provide additional benchmarking reports or capabilities diagnostics for a consulting fee. Index participants will also be eligible to receive summary reports on findings from Aon in the coming months.

Risk Maturity Index Insight Report

The Aon Risk Maturity Index Insight Report (2017) uncovers insights into the relationship between risk maturity and financial success.

How is the Risk Maturity Index helping our clients?

Hex 1

A newly appointed Chief Risk Officer (CRO) of an American manufacturing company sought to evaluate existing risk management capabilities and develop a strategic path forward.

Hex 2

Sixteen participants, representing various functions within the company, completed the Risk Maturity Index individually. Results were compiled into a preliminary report, highlighting industry and global benchmarks, differing risk perspectives, as well as risk management strengths and weaknesses across the key foundational elements of governance/infrastructure, process, integration into strategic planning and decision making, and culture/communication. A subset of the participant pool was selected for a workshop, which featured the presentation of results, discussion of key risk issues, and recommendations for improvement. A final report was developed to reflect results from the workshop, citing the company’s baseline level of risk maturity and suggested next steps to advance capabilities.

Hex 3

A risk improvement strategy that leverages organizational strengths, closes gaps and supports a sustainable Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program. Presentation of project results to the executive leadership team with support to continue improvement plans. Results were also utilized for the quarterly Board of Directors meeting.

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