Global Optimization Index

Global Optimization Are you a risk or finance leader of an organization with exposures across multiple territories?
Take our Global Optimization Index survey. The 75 questions are directly related to international risk management and will help you to measure your company’s risk management practices as compared to Aon’s best practice standards and find areas of focus to enhance the performance of your multinational risk management approach.

GOI Impact


Assess your multinational risk management program attributes

Answer 75 Questions characteristic of high performing international programs

Assess Program attributes

Time needed - 30 minutes

GOI Measurement


Receive results and benchmarked best practice data

Immediate report and recommendations

Comparison with Aon Best Practices and peer set

GOI Focus


International risk management practices

Follow-up customized feedback from international experts

Specific, outlined areas of focus for continued improvement

Correlations between results and recommendations

GOI Focus