D&O Insight Platform

Leveraging advanced analytics to gain insight into the structure of your D&O program

Data is critical to making intelligent business decisions. How effectively businesses develop, manage, and utilize data impacts the quality of those decisions. However, by looking backward at historical loss and purchasing trends, you are not getting a full picture of your risk environment. Aon’s D&O Insight Platform helps companies quantify the impact of decisions about directors and officers (D&O) insurance and risk.

Stock volatility, liquidity issues, disputed mergers/acquisitions, regulatory matters and increasing defense costs are all causes of D&O litigation and loss that must be accounted for in effective loss modeling. D&O Insight quantifies answers to questions such as:

  • How large is our D&O loss exposure and how much risk are we currently retaining?
  • How do we value buying additional limits?
  • Should we take a higher retention?

Advanced D&O analytics for advanced decision-making

Aon D&O Insight analysis quantifies exposure to loss and evaluates the effectiveness of insurance program structures, and it offers insights, in addition to traditional benchmarking. The results help determine the impact of renewal and alternative program structures on:

  • Retained losses
  • Insurance recoveries
  • Losses in excess of insurance coverage
  • Premium value

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