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Conflicts and Business Intake Advisement Services

Business Process Improvement

We evaluate and observe clients’ current conflicts, business intake, and lateral and new hire integration processes, provide recommendations for immediate improvements, help execute selected recommendations, and provide process strategies and roadmaps for the future.


  • Conflicts Process Improvement
  • Business Intake Process Improvement
  • Lateral and New Hire Integration Process Improvement

Conflicts and Business Intake Software Selection

We advise clients on evaluating and selecting conflicts and business intake software to best fit their needs. We provide clients with a detailed script and RFP templates to work through with each software vendor to help meet immediate and future needs and to maximize the value of their technology investment. After software selection, we offer advisement services on decision making during implementation of the newly selected software.


  • Conflicts Software Evaluation and Selection
  • Conflicts Software Implementation Advisement
  • Business Intake Workflow Software Evaluation and Selection
  • Business Intake Software Implementation Advisement

Department and Team Reorganization

We advise clients on whether, when, and how to reorganize their conflicts, business intake, and lateral integration departments and teams. We focus on the high level infrastructure of these departments and teams, while also providing more nuanced guidance on changing or evolving the roles and responsibilities of employees in these areas.


  • Conflicts Department and Team Reorganizing
  • Business Intake Department and Team Reorganizing
  • Lateral and New Hire Department and Team Reorganizing

Merger and Acquisition Conflicts Strategies

We advise clients on conflicts processing strategies during pre-merger and acquisition diligence phases. After successful completion and formation of the new entity, we advise on how best to integrate all conflicts and business intake related processes and resources.


  • Pre-Merger and Acquisition Conflicts Advisement and Strategies
  • Post-Merger and Acquisition Conflicts and Business Intake Integration
  • Advisement and Strategies


To learn more about our Conflicts, Business Intake, and Lateral Hire Service Offerings, please contact: Stuart Poole.

Stuart Poole
Vice President and Director

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