Aon Risk Maturity Index

Aon Risk Maturity Index

Thank you for your interest in the Aon Risk Maturity Index. The Risk Maturity Index is intended primarily as a tool for risk leaders, financial executives, C-suite and legal executives. If you qualify as one of these titles, you are qualified to participate in the "Index".

After you submit your survey, you will receive an immediate online aggregate risk maturity rating. Aon will collect, analyze and prepare a customized Index Rating Report for qualified participants (risk, financial and legal executives) approximately about 2-3 weeks after you submit. The Index Rating Report will rate organizational risk maturity across the ten key characteristics on observable risk practice.

The Index questionnaire takes approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. If you stop at any point, you may return at a later time and return to your point of previous progress (please save the e-mail that will be sent to you; it contains your unique survey session code). All results are confidential and will only be reported in the aggregate for industry insight / benchmarking reports.

Enter your complete contact information in the fields below. After you submit the form, your unique survey session code will be sent to you via e-mail. You will need to provide a valid, organization-specific e-mail address. Any unauthorized use of the Index session or Index Ratings Reports is strictly prohibited. For your convenience, the RMI survey questionnaire is available in seven different languages. You will be presented with the language version aligned with your computer's default language settings.

Please note that Index questionnaire sessions are non-transferrable.

Note: All form fields are required.

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Copyright 2015 Aon plc. The Risk Maturity Index and all associated computational models are copyrighted, proprietary business information developed by Aon and the Wharton School. The Risk Maturity Index may not be reproduced, copied or used by any party for any purpose other than for completion of the survey. By registering to use the Risk Maturity Index, you recognize that the Risk Maturity Index is subject to copyright protections and agree to abide by, and honor, the developers' ownership rights.