Aon Global Supply Chain Diagnostic

Aon Global Supply Chain Diagnostic


Aon’s proprietary online diagnostic tool provides a quick and easy way for risk leaders to get a fact-based assessment of their supply chain risk management. Drawing on the deep and varied expertise of Aon’s brokerage, consulting, supply chain and industry experts, the diagnostic uses an online survey covering more than a dozen critical supplier and enterprise risks.

The answers you need. Whether your firm is fully engaged in managing risks related to its supply chain or just beginning the process of evaluating these exposures, taking the survey and reviewing the diagnostic will help strengthen the firm’s overall supply chain risk management.

It’s fast. The online survey takes about 15 minutes to complete. The resulting diagnostic is complimentary and, if desired, can be supplemented with a consultation with an Aon expert.

Simplified Assessment. Easy to interpret report with a “spotlight assessment” of green, yellow and red color indicators identifying your program’s strengths and deficiencies.

Indicates maturity in the firm’s risk practice
Denotes a deficiency in one or more of its measures to manage a specific exposure
Flags a potential vulnerability to related loss

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