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How Can Credit Solutions Help Your Business?

Credit solutions, including trade credit insurance, political risk insurance and surety services are critical tools for companies developing sustainable growth strategies. They also provide businesses with a more flexible and efficient way to secure financing. Importantly, a well-designed credit strategy creates economically attractive options for your lenders as well.

When organisations and their banking partners take co-ownership of securing and protecting working capital, all parties benefit, relationships strengthen, and businesses can grow even as inflation continues to be a concern and the cost of capital increases.

Why are Credit Solutions Critical in Today’s Market?

All organisations face growing economic headwinds as new forms of volatility, including climate change, pandemics, geo-political conflict, and supply chain disruption, impede business operations and change consumer and employee expectations. As a result, leaders face challenges such as:

Rising non-payment, liquidity, and investment risks against a backdrop of inflation

Changes in company purchasing and payment behaviour, along with rapidly changing buyer expectations

Evolving regulatory and solvency requirements for banks, affecting lending strategies and capacities

Need to ensure financial strength and sustainability through the protection of assets

Shifting international trade dynamics because of social and political unrest, terrorism, and war

Continuous need to identify and secure new growth areas in a sustainable and consistent manner

At the same time, today’s market conditions present leaders with exciting opportunities to take bold and transformative action. Actions which often require injections of capital to secure an edge over competitors.

Credit solutions allow business to address the challenges cited above without necessarily increasing debt levels or utilising existing banking lines, which in turn provides leaders with added flexibility to drive growth.

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