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What does cyber risk mean to me?

With the increased frequency and severity of cyber attacks affecting businesses regardless of industry, size or location, the impact is felt throughout the organisation across finance, operations, risk and IT teams.

In these short videos, Aon’s Cyber Solutions* explores the impact of cyber risk from different stakeholder perspectives asking:

  • In your role how do you think about cyber risk? How could it manifest itself?
  • How do you see it impacting your business from a financial/reputational/legal and operational risk perspective?
  • What advice would you give other’s on how to approach and better manage cyber risk within their organisations?

Hear from Aon clients and colleagues by clicking on the links below:

Bhavin Shah, Chief Financial Officer | Sigma Pharmaceuticals Plc

Matt Kimber, Chief Risk Officer | Aon

For information on Aon’s cyber solutions contact Mark Brannigan or your Client Manager.


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