United Kingdom

Boosting click through rates

June 2017


Creating high click through rates for employee benefit communications is never easy and naturally creates anxiety about whether we are using the right medium or the right messages. So, to then be told your methods are outmoded or sub-standard is doubly disappointing. A recent, admittedly small survey written up in HR Magazine may have confirmed some HR teams worst fears, by stating that one in five HR, benefit and reward specialists admitted their employees consider their benefits communications terrible.

The research comes with the suggestion that young people are more likely to look at communications on Apps on their smart phones or tablets and so employers need to modernise communications.

So, is greater use of digital technology the answer? It depends upon your workforce. Employers need to see what works for their workforce demographics and what will not.

Jenny Reid, senior communication consultant at Aon, says: "In my experience, the only clients I've seen digital communications work for is where social media is already integrated in a business. This is especially true if the demographic is right and also perhaps for widely dispersed or agile workers."

There is also the danger of getting too personal with employees in areas they would rather not engage. There is no shortage of opinion from advertising and HR experts that employers are not welcome additions to our Facebook or Instagram feeds.

We tend to use social media to post fun stuff such as memes, selfies or videos of cats/ dogs doing amusing things, so Reid points out that if employers are to use such channels then they should make sure what they are posting is fun too.

This is a developing area. The internal project management comms tools such as Yammer and Slack are an exciting development in employee communications.

It is more than likely that grabbing full attention of employees will continue to stretch our imaginations, but the tools with which we do it could multiply.



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