United Kingdom

Communicate employee benefits once a month, employers advised

December 2017


Just under a third of UK employers communicate employee benefits packages to staff at least once a month, new research has shown.

The research by group risk insurer Ellipse which surveyed over 2,000 employers and employees across the UK revealed that while 32 per cent of employers communicated available benefits to their workforce on a monthly basis, 28 per cent said they sent out employee benefits communications about once a year. A further 7 per cent admitted to not communicating their benefits offering at all.

Differences in communication levels appeared to vary depending on the size of the business. Among micro businesses employing up to 5 staff members, just 17 per cent of employers said they communicated their employee benefits offering monthly while 24 per cent of micro business owners said they never communicated. 44 per cent of businesses with fewer than 10 employees said their benefits communications were delivered verbally by managers while 49 per cent of employers with 11 or more employees said they used email.

Sarah Robson, senior communications consultant at Aon Employee Benefits commented: “Employee engagement levels do improve for companies who regularly connect with their people. Awareness and understanding of a benefits package are fundamental to a successful scheme. By keeping the momentum with communicating benefits regularly, companies can create ‘reward presence’ and a more engaged connection with employee’s total reward all year round.”

The research also found that across businesses employing 250 staff or more, 35 per cent of employers said they communicated with their staff monthly about employee benefits while just 3 per cent of large business said they never communicated about available benefits.

Chris Morgan, chief marketing officer at Ellipse urged employers to communicate about available benefits on a monthly basis to help improve or maintain employee engagement levels as well as ensuring a “decent return on investment”.

“Small organisations may have less resources to devote to benefit communication but even simple strategies can be effective,” he said. “If employees are not aware of their benefits, the employer is not getting full value from their investment.”

Robson added: “With the recent emergence of anytime benefits, there is a need to be even more flexible and regular when connecting with employees. Building in benefit specific communications at key times can help with take up, such as targeting specific Cycle to Work promotions in Spring. A calendar plan of communications is the best way to approach this from a strategic point of view.”



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