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Reflections: Aon’s new next-gen employee listening technology

The future of work is looking very different. It’s more digital, virtual and remote. This is impacting benefits but also culture, leadership and more. Add to this that new generations have entirely different expectations, and it’s clear to see that employers need to shift towards understanding and embracing employee experience, so they can understand their people at an emotional level to better fulfil their needs.

Traditional feedback methods don’t always capture employees’ true feelings

Employees answer traditional surveys using their conscious mind, thinking about the question as asked and giving in most instances a considered response. But these responses may be influenced by any number of mindsets – from being strategic in their answers, to secretive or even disinterested or disruptive, which may mean employers don’t create relevant and meaningful action plans to deliver the right employee experience.

What is Reflections?

Reflections is Aon’s next generation employee listening technology that uses behavioural science to tune in to employees' wants and needs on a deeper level through their unconscious mind. Reflections allows employers to:

  • Address bias challenges from traditional survey methods
  • Measures reaction times to answers
  • Get a true view on what employees really think and feel

Value to employers:

  • Enables better employee outcomes because getting to the truth can help you to positively impact employee attrition, productivity, engagement and talent attraction
  • A scientifically backed way to capture employee thoughts and feelings
  • Helps to optimise your HR/People Analytics spend
  • Data to support your business case
  • Gives you confidence you are implementing the right solution
  • Direction in designing and supporting your wider Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

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