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Webinar Series: Supporting Employee Wellbeing and Building Resilience

Over the course of June and July 2020, we held a three-part webinar series on key wellbeing and resilience-building topics. These were especially designed to help support both the employer and their employees during challenging times.

Webinar 1: Strengthening Employee Emotional Fitness

The first webinar in our series looked at the ways employers could help to strengthen the emotional fitness of their employees. It covered:

  • Practical steps for employers to support their employees across emotional, physical and mental wellbeing areas
  • How employers can help employees remain strong in the face of new challenges
  • How employees can build personal resilience
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For more information you can also download our guide on Strengthening Employee Emotional Fitness that complements the webinar.


Webinar 2: The Psychology of Behaviour Change – Using the Psychology of Behaviour Change to Maximise Engagement with Employee Benefits

Featuring one of Aon’s Occupational Psychology experts, Serena Murphy (MSc) – Senior Consultant in Organisation Psychology at Aon Assessment (UK) Limited – the second webinar in our series explored the psychology of behaviour change. It covered:

  • An introduction to organisational psychology and behaviour change
  • The intention-behaviour gap: why people do not act despite the best intentions?
  • How to maximise engagement through behaviour change interventions
  • Practical applications: using technology and communication
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Webinar 3: Looking beyond COVID-19 – The emerging themes in employee benefits

Taking on a different approach to the other two webinars, the final webinar in our series featured a discussion around:

  • How the pandemic has impacted employee benefits programmes with insights from an employer, advisor and market perspective
  • Future trends
  • The journey back to the workplace
  • How we might need to think differently about employee benefits and employee wellbeing
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