United Kingdom

Motor terrorism claims to be handled by the Motor Insurance Bureau

Insurers have voted for the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) to handle and pay the claims from victims involved in a terrorist event where a vehicle is used to kill or injure.

The MIB is a body which deals with the claims from victims involved in uninsured and hit-and-run accidents. The compensation for victims of vehicle-related terrorist events that take place on or after 1 January 2019 will now also be handled by the MIB.

MIB Chief Executive, Dominic Clayden, said in a statement, “Those who are innocently caught up in events where terrorists drive vehicles into people to injure and kill, can rely on MIB to pay and handle their motor related claims for these terrible events.”

Over 75% of motor fleet insurers agreed on the change by voting rights following a 28-day ballot which closed on 19th July 2018. This followed on from the consultation earlier this year where MIB was asked to determine the level of support across the market for a change to be made.

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