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Workplace Health Risk Management

Returning to the workplace - COVID-19 testing solutions

Creating a work environment which is as safe as possible is a key priority for many businesses looking to facilitate the return of their employees to the workplace. However, there are a number of challenges involved, combined with complex variables such as an individual’s personal circumstances, health status and the practicalities of social distancing within an office environment.

Aon offer businesses with access to a wide a range of solutions based on their specific requirements – from advising on return-to-work strategy, to assessing individual risk factors, to testing employees. If you’re unsure on what solution is right for your business, our experts are well-placed to provide guidance on the way forward.

We can help businesses:

  • Make the right decisions for your organisation and your employees
  • Reduce likelihood of a COVID-19 outbreak in the workplace
  • Assess the risk of an individual falling seriously ill should they contract COVID-19
  • Test employees for current or past infection
  • Implement occupational health services
  • Create a robust approach to reporting and monitoring absence

Our services to help you get back to business are broad – from the UK to global, from strategic risk management to on-the-ground tactical interventions.

Available support includes:

  • Clinical consultancy and advice
  • Online health risk assessment and clinician consultations
  • Antigen testing (are employees currently infected with COVID-19)
  • Antibody testing (have employees previously had COVID-19)
  • Onsite temperature testing

As a global risk management firm, we have developed a wide range of additional services to help you take a holistic approach to managing risk exposure. These services include: COVID-19 Employee Impact Modelling, COVID-19 Risk Management Review, Desktop Business Interruption Valuation, Remote Property Survey, Aon Cyber Solutions CyQu2, COVID-19 Employee Insurance, Employee Communications and the Aon Accelerate model.

For more information on how Aon can support your employees’ return to the workplace, please contact us.