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Aon FinTech Support

Between chasing investment and hiring key staff, successfully growing a FinTech company is a challenging feat. FinTech founders are expected to juggle several tasks at once, but do not always have the time or the expertise to manage their company’s risks, purchase the right insurance products or ensure their company is compliant with major regulations such as GDPR or PSD2.

To help FinTech companies maintain robust risk management practices, Aon has developed FinTech Support, designed to assist FinTech founders at every stage of their risk management journey. From establishing best practices, to purchasing the right policies and helping FinTechs when making a claim, Aon is on hand as your dedicated risk advisor.

Aon’s FinTech Support team can assist across the following areas:

Investment preparation

While seeking investment, it’s essential that FinTechs take steps to make their company attractive to investors and external stakeholders. Aon’s offering is not just traditional downside protection in the form of insurance but something that can help add value to FinTechs’ businesses. Aon can partner with FinTechs to prepare for investment procedures and demonstrate their capabilities effectively. Aon’s team can also support with due diligence and help FinTechs to meet any necessary coverage requirements prior to investment.

Talent and people

Attracting and retaining talent in an increasingly competitive marketplace continues to be a challenge for growing FinTechs. Aon can help FinTechs differentiate in order to attract talent and to reward their current staff with a health and benefits programme that delivers value. For established FinTech firms, Aon can implement practices to engage employees and drive productivity from a happier workforce.

Risk management

From regulatory pressures such as GDPR and PSD2, to Professional Indemnity and Cyber, FinTechs face a number of significant risks. Aon’s risk consultants can support FinTechs to establish robust risk management controls and obtain appropriate coverage where required. If FinTechs have already purchased insurance, Aon can review current programmes and advise on where improvements or cost reductions can be made.

Claims advocacy

When something goes wrong, Aon is on hand to help FinTechs protect their bottom line and provide stability. FinTech firms benefit from access to Aon’s experienced claims advocacy team, dedicated to supporting clients during claims settlement cases.