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Power is one of the world’s most dynamic industries and it is currently experiencing a period of phenomenal change. Both regulators and consumers are demanding unprecedented levels of transparency, whilst at the same time technological possibilities continue to change at extreme pace. Business models are adapting and new types of companies are entering the sector. The challenge for power companies is making the right short and long-term strategic choices when opportunities emerge.

Scope of Aon Power services

We deliver specialist risk solutions to a broad mix of clients including utility companies, independent power producers, renewable energy developers, grid and distribution operators, private equity and infrastructure groups across the energy mix including:

Thermal Generation

Thermal Generation

  • Coal
  • Natural Gas
  • Bioenergy
  • Nuclear

Onshore Renewables

  • Wind
  • Solar
  • Hydro
  • Geothermal

Offshore Renewables

  • Wind
  • Wind and tidal

Network Infrastructure

  • Grid
  • Interconnectors
  • Battery storage
  • Smart meters

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