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Providing specialist underwriting and claims expertise

AUM acts as 'Agent of the Insurer' with the aim of writing a profitable portfolio of business on behalf of insurer partners.


AUM acts as portfolio manager and can undertake both the underwriting and claims functions.


AUM has significant experience in working with the Aon network offices to maximise opportunities as the single 'route to market' on Aon MGA facilities and employs experienced underwriting and claims staff.


Aon have access to specialist expertise within the business, whether locally or globally, to bring the best of Aon to all our clients every day. We are able to deliver a diverse range of solutions to Aon's clients by offering a number of added value benefits.


AUM operates a bespoke proprietary underwriting and claims management system that includes policy and claims management built on a flexible rules-based rating engine that provides codification of underwriting and rating data integrated with claims management functionality. This enables AUM to manage the portfolio in a controlled environment and report management information in a meaningful basis.


Whilst part of Aon, AUM operates as a discreet business unit providing underwriting services, which enables Aon to:

• Manage conflicts of interest between underwriting and broking duties
• Provide specialist underwriting and claims expertise
• Manage underwriting, claims and MI via underwriting systems
• Bring insurance facilities to our clients that they would otherwise not be able to access


Aon UK Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FPAUM06

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