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Case studies

Aon can help you mitigate risks and reduce costs with risk management consultancy and bespoke solutions to support and enhance your existing activities.

Read how we have helped our clients with their fleet risks.

Client a


Aon worked with a national real estate agency who had a large company car fleet. The claims experience and insurance costs per vehicle were significantly higher than benchmarked industry peer group but the business had committed significant investment in telematics.


Our review found that:

  • Driver scores were negatively correlated to the length of the journey driven
  • Telematics score thresholds and data points required review
  • Telematics – positive impact on claims frequency and correlation with propensity to claim

However, there were weaknesses in the supporting management system which resulted in short-term impacts from one-off interventions.

Next steps

We worked with this business to put in place the following recommendation with a targeted reduction in claims costs of 20% over 18 months:

  • Development of an Executive Fleet Scorecard and clear performance targets
  • Improvements to the management system
  • Recalibration of telematics thresholds / data points
  • Targeted intervention programmes

Client B - Integrating fleet risk initiatives


Aon worked with a UK retailer who had a significant logistics and delivery division. The cost of motor risk and claims was impacting upon the overall operating margin which resulted in the following investments being made:

  • Telematics
  • Cameras
  • Technology and data analysis
  • Training


  • There wasn’t a strong message being delivered from the senior management – claims were seen as a cost of doing business
  • There were gaps in the claims management information e.g. claims reporting and incident investigation which created challenges
  • Disparate initiatives were failing to have the expected impact – conflicting goals, actions, owners and outcomes

Next steps

  • Develop a motor fleet risk management framework
  • Have one place for all fleet risk data to be produced and communicated
  • Redesign role of fleet steering group around a smaller number of fleet risk drivers