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Our Delegated Consulting Services is focused on helping trustees, and sponsors, improve scheme funding levels and, ultimately, pension scheme member security. We work in partnership with all our clients to deliver truly bespoke solutions to meet their unique requirements.

We offer a full range of tailored fiduciary solutions for schemes from around £5m in assets to over £2bn in assets. Examples of solutions we can offer include:

  • Full fiduciary solution: fully flexible bespoke growth and matching portfolios with daily monitoring of flight plan triggers
  • Partial mandate: single strategy solutions such as hedge funds, emerging markets or equities, or any combination of multi-asset growth solutions
  • Flight plan implementation service: daily monitoring and same day execution of de-risking triggers. Available as part of our full fiduciary solution or as a stand-alone service

We believe there are four core areas setting us apart from the competition;

  • Strong performance track record of delivering results and adding value for our clients
  • Client-driven innovation with a full range of actively managed, bespoke fiduciary solutions
  • A complete end to end investment solution: integrating our risk settlement and fiduciary management expertise
  • Excellence in client service with proactive client support
100% of our UK full fiduciary clients outperformed their bespoke liability benchmark since inception
(to 31 December 2017)

A growing fiduciary business


Our fiduciary business launched in 2009 with our first client's assets invested in early 2010. Since then it has grown substantially. We currently have £13.8bn in UK fiduciary assets under management. Globally we have 525 clients and $157bn in assets. (Data to September 2018).


We believe ours is the most transparent, flexible and independent fiduciary offering in the market


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