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US election 2020: Uncertainty and division the ultimate winner (5 November)
The US election is looking much closer than opinion polls suggested. At the time of writing it is looking likely that Joe Biden will win the Electoral College, but the margins are razor thin.

Delayed election declaration is the ultimate poor market scenario (12 October)
Tapan Data, in an interview with CNBC’s Squawkbox, discusses the market outlook for the US election.

Is a Biden presidency really that bad for markets? (29 September)
The looming election is likely to be an important driver of market volatility in the near-term, but broader economic factors will dominate over the medium-term. It will pay to look through the election impact.

What to make of current market conditions (7 September)
The powerful recovery in US stocks since the brief bear market in March has far exceeded everybody’s expectations. The turnaround is a record breaker – and, here’s why.

AA View: The pandemic is not the only headache for UK equities (27 July)
UK institutional investors are steadily reducing their allocations to UK equities. But is it too little too late? The latest Aon paper on UK equities highlights the large opportunity cost in foregone equity returns in non-UK markets given how long the UK market’s performance has lagged.

AA View: Will value stocks ever make a comeback (26 June 2020)
Value stocks have lost their lustre over the past decade for several reasons, but value investing as a concept is certainly not dead. Should value investing be recast to use different selection criteria? What role can factors play to keep value working for investors?


Aon’s Investment Podcast: What Damage is the Coronavirus Doing to the UK and Global Economies? (12 May)
In this short podcast, Tapan Datta, head of global asset allocation for Aon, considers the economic impact of the pandemic and asks if the reaction by governments and the authorities has been appropriate to the scale of the economic problem. Access the replay by clicking on the icon.


AA View: Oil Flows into the Void (30 April)
This paper looks at what has been happening to oil prices and the current dynamics of supply and demand throughout the world. Request paper.


AA View: Credit Market Turmoil (9 April)
Aon’s Asset Allocation team has prepared this latest view on, primarily, credit markets in the US and UK. Request paper.


COVID-19 Response Webinar: Investment Focus – Market Developments & Asset Class Performance (8 April)
Aon’s Caroline Allensby-Green was joined by specialists from our Asset Allocation and Manager Research teams to explore the recent market developments and ways in which different asset classes, managers and strategies have performed in response to the coronavirus crisis. Access the replay by clicking on the icon.


AA View: Weak US Dollar Outlook Once Virus Worries Subside (8 April)
Aon’s asset allocation experts consider the outlook for the US dollar and the merits of currency hedging until coronavirus concerns start to fade. Request paper.


AA View: Are Global Equities Cheap Enough Yet? (7 April)
Market uncertainties and risks remain high for the time being. Now is not a bullish buying opportunity, but high volatility and periods of market weakness that look likely to remain with us do present scope for longer-horizon investors to top-up equity allocations in a phased way. Request paper.


AA View Liquidity Collapse (6 April)
This March has seen a sharp fall in the price of risk assets as Covid-19, together with an oil price war have taken their toll on markets. There are two main mechanisms for the impact on financial market prices. Request paper.


AA View: Pandemic Policy Response - How Fiscal is Monetary Today (23 March)
Fiscal promises are surging globally as a response to the growing pandemic crisis – and, urgent fiscal needs mean that debt is needing to be monetised. The latest view from Aon’s asset allocation team explores how fiscal and monetary policy are converging. Request paper.


AA View: Sterling Weakness and Portfolio Implications (19 March)
A review of currency market volatility, the outlook for sterling and guidance for investors on how to protect their portfolios. Request paper.


AA View: Viral Volatility (5 March)
Aon’s asset allocation experts explore the globalisation of the developing coronavirus crisis and the wider impact for financial markets. Request paper.


AA View: 2020 and beyond – It is so much harder to get return
Aon’s Global Asset Allocation Team considers the prospects for 2020 and beyond and explores if markets will carry on rising – and, if so, how strongly. Request paper.


AA View: The year that was – The Midas touch in action
Tapan Datta, Global Head of Asset Allocation at Aon, takes a look at the calendar year just completed and assess how well the markets did. Request paper.


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